Imagine. You can send your customers a direct mail piece they won’t throw out!

  • The Cling Card is a cost-effective way to make a client’s message really stick. Our 20 years’ experience in Direct Mail Print Services led us to this innovative new concept.
  • An e-mail message gets one viewing. The same with a direct mail piece, insert or print ad – customers see it once, then throw it away. But the unique Cling Card is an easy, low-cost way to have a maximum, repeat impact.

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  • Can be laser-personalized with a prospect’s name, important numbers, or specific message.
  • Thin, lightweight, and malleable for easy printing and lasering.
  • A wide variety of paper stocks is available.
  • Specialty die-cuts and ink colors reinforce your client’s brand identity.
  • It’s easy to push out the card and affix to reinforce your client’s brand identity.

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